Adaptive Living provides a range of services tailored to promoting safety, function, and longevity in your home. Our approach involves in-depth assessments tailored to the unique circumstances present in your environment and medical needs. Ongoing support can be provided to ensure emerging barriers to independence are addressed as conditions change.

Client Centered Home Assessments

Client centered home assessments are conducted in three stages. The first is the client interview which includes Client history, Self Report (past and current abilities) and Goals (Client, Family, Caregivers). We then follow-up with a Home Safety Assessment to determine what is working in the Home, Barriers to Independence, Hazards and Safety Risks. The third phase is a Functional Assessment. We observe how Clients interact with home environment, observation of Activity of Daily Living Activities, determination of where adaptations are needed.

Once the assessment is completed, you will receive a detail report:
-- Summary of Client Requirements, Barriers and Abilities
-- List of recommended home modifications
-- Recommendations for Contractors, Designers and other community professionals

Ongoing Support

Meet with Contractor/ designers/ Equipment specialists. Assure that final modification plans support recommendations and meet with your expectations, follow-up training in newly modified home.


Referrals for services in our community that help support safety, independence, health and wellness.

Transition Specialist

DSHS contracted for Community Transition and Training Specialist. We will provide assistance with returning home from the hospital or a facility. Home Safety/ Home environmental assessments, family training, and equipment recommendations.

Preconstruction Consultant

Preconstruction consultation services for builders, designers or architects who are creating homes for Aging Adults or other special populations.